I will stop to this place as it is on my way to go to Sukhothai.

It will take me approximately 4 hours from Lopburi to get there, but there is not a direct line, so I will have to find my way and do some changes.

The main reason why I will stop there is to visit the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park.



We can visit it in scooter, which is very practical.

Some people will argue that it is a bit the same things than in Sukhothai but it is apparently less touristic and more wild. Then, it will be a good introduction before the visit of Sukhothai even if the remains are not as well maintained as the ones in Sukhothai.

This is a short video which will resume the places that I will visit there:

I will stay there for a day, and then I will move to Sukhothai which is a bit more than 1 hour of drive away (77 kilometers away).

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