Bohol will be the last step in of my trip in the Philippines if everything goes like in the plan; because there are loads of probabilities that the plans will change but I will try to fix with it.

So yeah, Bohol is located 2 hours away in boat from Cebu City.  It is part of the Visayas as they call it.

I will present you some of the things that I want to do in this island:

Danao: A place where we can find the Danao Adventure Park

Chocolate Hills: The reference on this island with a very special landscape.

Loboc: A place with a lot of things to see such a tour in the river in paddle, the Tarsier, which is an interesting small animal and a special forest

Panglao: With its nice beaches and islands around, it is a must see as well as for its caves.

Balicasag Island: This is a square island where divers and snorkelers will be in a paradise.

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