After the Chocolate hills, a bit more in the South, is located Loboc. There is quite a few things to see around there.

Tarsier Conservation Area:

This is a wildlife sanctuary where you can have the priviledge to see an extinction specie which is the Tarsier. The is the most little primate on earth and it is now very difficult to find in the world. They have like 5 of them here and this is how it looks like:


This will be fun to see this little gremlins and learn about them.

Mahogany Forest:

This is supposed to be a man made forest. Indeed it has been made by some students 50 years ago and it is now possible to go across the road seeing this.

I would like to rent a scooter for a day and pass there to see the landscape and take some pictures. This is how it looks like:


However, I will only go there if it is on my way and I don’t want to do a detour to go there.

Loboc River:

The Loboc River is very nice and there are some company organising the cruise in boat. However, it is not very exciting and there is better. I can use the company Sup tours which are organizing some tours in paddle. That is how it looks like:

It costs 1000 pesos for a half day. I will definitely do it.