After the expedition to the Dudhsagar waterfall, it will be time to come back near the coast and start the South of Goa.

Palolem will be the first stop.

There, I will have the opportunity to relax on the Palolem beach that you can see on the picture below.


Nice isn’t it ?

And it will also be the opportunity to enjoy the parties there, as the nightlife is apparently very good and very active on this beach.

I will probably stay a full day there because one of my friend really advised me to. Indeed, there are some huts that are in front of the beach and it is very relaxing to have a nap there. My friend actually told me he slept in a hut in the trees and it was an amazing experience.

Then I want to live the same experience, sipping Mojitos and other cocktails in my hut.

The second reason I want to stay the day is to spend my time doing canyoning. This is already a sport that I really enjoy to do in France, and that would be amazing to do it there. I found out on Tripadvisor that the company Goa Jungle is organizing some cool trips, where you start in Jeep, then trek in the Jungle, and then spend time in the water for 4 or 5 hours.


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