Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi islands, a must do in Thailand. One of the most wonderful place where you can have excellent viewpoints.

Maya Bay:

No need to say a word about that, just watch the picture:



I have to go snorkeling a few times when I go there as the water is very clear and the sea life is there. Doing it in this kind of atmosphere would be crazy:


For diving, this is the place where I want to treat myself and swim with turtles, sharks, rays and so on. It looks even better than in Koh Tao.


Bamboo Island:

This is part of the Phi Phi islands and it looks amazing. The best thing would be to find a way to get there in the evening, where the tourists are gone, and go to spend the night there, and leave in the morning when they arrive.


Monkey Beach:

Swimming with the monkeys ? That would be a nice experience. However, I might think it twice because I don’t have the Rabies Vaccins and people say that this place is a bit dirty.