11139442_10205822008527015_6538804556335182742_nHello everyone,

My name is Francois, a 23 years old man who comes from France near Lyon, who loves the adventure and who wants to discover the world.

For you to have an idea of who I am; this is a picture of myself:

After a Bachelor in the business school ESC Saint Etienne (EM Lyon) in France where I have had the opportunity to do my internships abroad, I decided to do a Masters degree in Project Management, in the United Kingdom at Royal Holloway University Of London. Then I worked during 6 months as a Product Marketer in England near my university. Unfortunately, I lost someone who was important for me and then, I understood that this job and this life in the UK was not what I wanted at all.

Then I went back to France and now I am planning to live my dream: Travelling the world.

When I started to travel abroad on my own, I understood that this was the thing which will change my life: Thanks to my internships in Spain and in the UK, I met some amazing people full of dreams and beautiful ideas, I learnt 2 different languages that will help me during my entire life, met people from all over the world,
and I also grew up.

I then want to share with you my project from the preparation to the days when I will be back and will be able to give my views about this wonderful adventure.

This is an idea of the itinerary that I want to do. I hope it is not too ambitious for only 1 year travelling in bag pack.

How this website will work ?

Simple: In the menu at the top where you can see all the names of countries that I want to visit, it will include all the different regions and then places that I would like to visit, and a short explanation of why I want to visit these places on each page. As you can see, the sections are put into the way I will visit the places.

Then, when I will start my big journey, I will follow my online itinerary and try to do all the things that I have planned.

On each places, I will take some pictures and I will post an article to give my own feedback about the place I am visiting.

Why ?

It will allow my visitors to get a better idea and a personal and not commercial opinion of the places visited.

Also, it will allow people to follow me during my trip and to know where I am.

All the new articles will be visible automatically from the home page so you won’t have to look for the new posts.

I hope that you will enjoy it and that you will also live it yourselves because as we say: « When you want, you can… »


Presentation Picture 2

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