After Siem Reap, we will visit Battambang which is the second town of the country.

It is easy to find some buses which bring you there. It takes 4 hours and costs around 5 dollars.

When I will arrive there, the best is to hire a motorbike for a day. It costs 7 dollars and gives you some freedom to travel around the place.

The Bat Caves:

A famous attraction there is to see the bat caves. Indeed, just before the sunset, you can see a huge amount of bats coming out of these caves:


It is also interesting to visit the “killing caves” during the day to know about the massacre and the atrocities that the Khmers Rouges did, where they killed thousands of innocent people.

The Prasat Bassaet Temple:

This is a place I would like to visit: the aim is to climb more than 350 steps on some rural stairs; where you can see a very nice countryside thanks to the vegetation around.

Then, at the top, you can have a wonderful view and you can see the ruins of a temple from the 11th Century.


Some local children use to stay here a lot, so it would be nice to buy some sweets and other stuffs upfront to give it to them. It will give them the smile.

The Bamboo Train:

This should be a fun experience to live where the train is actually just a platfrom of wood with a small engine.

The trip lasts for an hour and there are different stops.

It costs 5 dollars per person or 10 if you are on your own.

This is apparently very touristic