Ko Chang

Ko Chang is an island I really wanted to see thanks to the diversity of things that you can do there. With its National Park, its beaches of dream and its different activities, it makes it an island of reference:

Tree Top Adventure Park:

In France, I love doing Accrobranche, which is tree climbing, but it is in the forest. What about doing it in the jungle next to the beach on an island ?

I checked many of these attractions in other places of South East Asia and it was always very expensive (at least 80 euros) which was overpriced for this kind of place even if the scenery is amazing. In this park, the entrance fee is 900 Bahts, which is reasonable as it is around 22 euros (around the prices you can find in France).

It is good to bring a spray anti mosquito there as it is really needed. Also, wear a pant and long sleeve shirt to avoid being bitten.

The place is located in Ao Bai Lan; a strategic location for the scenery combining jungle and beach.


Mu Ko Chang National Park:

Go around in the National Park of Mu Ko Chang is also a good thing to do. The best would be to rent a scooter go at the top to get to the view point which is amazing.

Then watch the sunset with a drink.


In the Park, you can do a 1 kilometer hike and see the Klong Plu Waterfall which looks stunning. The water is green emerald and it looks nice to swim in there:




Then there are obviously some very nice and famous beaches to rest and swim there:

And many more… The best is to go with a scooter to see how the beaches look like and stop when one is appealing well.