28th June 2016 – 1st December 2016

This is the late unforeseen of this trip.

Yes, I am finally planning to go to Australia.

I have been a bit optimistic to do this whole tour with not a lot of money. That is why I applied for the Working Holiday Visa, where I will be able to work in Australia for a period of maximum 1 year, which can be renewed for an extra 1 more year under certain conditions.

Anyway, I am planning to stay from 4 to 5 months.

The city I want to go first is Darwin. The weather is great especially from May to October. The economy is apparently good in this region and you can make some good money even if you work in farms picking fruits.


Then, I can follow the good weather and head in the direction of Sydney from the months of October and November.

This will allow me to discover Australia while I am working.

An old friend from school went there and have had this experience. He really recommended me to do it. He explained to me that he worked hard and then, with one of his friend, he lived the real Australian life: They bought an equipped campervan and they travel around the country like that.

The good point: When you buy a van, you can sell it the same price you buy it for, because it doesn’t lose value.


When I will arrive there, I will have the following missions to do and will have to plan it before if possible:

Find somewhere to sleep:

As Australia is very expensive, I will have to find a cheap option at the beginning to find an accomodation before I get a job.

I am planning to use Couchsurfing, which is a really great application to meet new people. It could be very cool to find a host for a few days, and maybe move to another house few days after to don’t disturb too much. You can even ask to sleep in people’s garden as it is very common to do it as the weather is convenient.

Worst case scenario would be to go to a hostel if I don’t find anyone to accomodate me. It might end up to be expensive if I don’t find a job straight away.

If I am Lucky and I find a job on the spot in a farm for example, I can ask the farmer to accomodate mein exchange of less money. This is also very usual.

Find a job:

This is the most important mission that I will have at the beginning in order to survive in this country. Darwin will be full of backpackers at this period of the year (July), as this is one of the only part of the country where it is sunny at this period and it is close to South East Asia where people end up travelling. On the top of that, it is summer holidays for European people and more and more Europeans are coming to live the Australian adventure.

Then, I will have to expect a high demand of jobs and it won’t be an easy task to get one. But motivation is the key and I am not the kind of person who abandon easily.

The wages in Darwin are apparently quite good and people coming with a WHV can do various kind of jobs: Most of the time, the easiest job to find would be in the farms to pick fruits which is very good to start. Some people more Lucky manage to find jobs as waiters, sellers or in construction which is very well paid. I will see if the luck is on my side.

Open a bank account:

In order to get paid, this is also one of the number one step to do when you go to work in Australia. If you have any suggestions about which bank to choose, please let me know. It is also good to do that in order to avoid the fees on your local card when you withdraw money or pay with it.