Huay Xai

After crossing the Mekong river I will be in Laos.

I will do the Visa on the spot. It is fast, it costs 30 dollars, and I will be able to stay up to a month there thanks to it.

What is important to know:

– I will have to pay in Dollars, so I will have to take some before I start my trip in order to avoid high fees for changing money there. (After 4pm or during the weekend it costs 1 more dollar so I have to plan more than 30 dollars just in case. It needs to be cash.

– I will have to have some ID pictures with me. Yes, and it is not the only place where I will need it so I will have to do some in France before leaving.

– I will have to give them the document of leaving Thailand that the Thai officers should have given to me once I arrived in Bangkok.

– Then I will have to fill the form to enter to the Laos.

And here we go, lets enjoy this beautiful country !

The Gibbon Experience:

I don’t think that I will stay in Huay Xai. Even if I really wanted to do the Gibbon Experience which is a Zip Lining park in the heart of the Jungle where you have different packages and you stay from 2 to 3 days; sleeping in some huts at the top of the trees. However it is apparently very expensive: around 135 euros which will definitely not be in my budget. But if I have the cash, I would do it.

Photographs from The Gibbon Experience treehouse and zip line adventure in Laos.

Then, I will probably book a bus directly in the direction of Luang Nam Tha.

I read in some forums that there are some public buses which takes 4 to 5 hours to get to Luang Nam Tha and it is possible to catch a bus at 2pm.



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