Koh Tao

Day 14:

After a few hours in the ferry I arrived in Koh Tao and was very tired and hungry. But I went first to find a room and found a room for me for 350 Bahts near the pier.

Then; I straight went to rent a motocross that I have seen before: a Kawasaki 150cc which is awesome to ride in Koh Tao.

I went to the North East of the island where there is a viewpoint and you can see the island of Yuang Nuang from there.

I went in some paths around the island and it was awesome.

I went through a guesthouse located on Sairee Beach and watched the sunset there. It is a very cool beach as it is beautiful with these original palm trees. There is also a good atmosphere with loads of young people in front of the bars on the beach drinking and partying there for the sunset. Indeed, there is a bar called the Sunset bar where the atmosphere is awesome.

Then I went to the streets near Sairee Beach where I found a some nice places to eat and I came back to the room to get some rest and talk with the owner of the guesthouse to know which places I should go to see on the next day.

Day 15:

I was feeling less tired so I decided to move to a hostel near by in the aim to meet new people.

I left my backpack there and moved with the motocross in the direction of Shark Bay; which is supposed to be one of the best beach of Koh Tao.

On the way; I stopped to a resort which has a beach in front of the place where you can do some cliff diving.

I went to do some snorkeling there and it was really nice. I saw various fishes of different colors and nice corals.

I left the beach and went to do some motocross in the paths around there.

Then I decided to move and go to Shark Bay. On the way, I stopped in a restaurant where you can have an amazing view on the beach. There, I met some english guys with who I ate and discuss. We planned to see each other again for snorkeling and to have some drinks, but in the end, I couldn’t make it.

After eating, I went down by the rocks, and went to swim and snorkle in Shark Bay. Unfortunately, I didn’t spot any sharks or turtles, but I saw loads of fishes I have never seen before and it was amazing.

I then decided to go to Aow Leuk Bay which was supposed to be one of the best beach of the island. However, the weather started to be bad and the sea agitated. Then I didn’t go to swim there and just went to see around. The bay was small but I am sure that it can be good when the weather is great.

The last one I did was Hin Wong Bay but the weather was really bad so I didnt enjoy it.

I could not go to see Mango Bay as the rain started to be heavy and I had to return the motocross by 4pm.

After returning the bike, I have had the bad surprise to see that the bike rental person tried to scam me: At the beginning, when I rent the bike, he shown me a list of crazy prices to pay in case I brake something in the bike. When I came back, the bike was in perfect condition. But the owner of the shop started to show me a little scratch on a sticker that you cannot even see and which was probably here before I rent the bike. He eventually tried to charge me for that but he understood that I was not going to pay for that and gave me my passport back. The worst thing is that when I gave back the bike, it was raining a lot and when he took it to check it, it was slippery and he almost dropped it and scratch everything but I was there to take the bike before it falls. So be careful where you rent a bike in Koh Tao and ask information to people before to rent. I rent a scooter in another place on the next day where they are honest: It is located in the street of the pier (when you arrive, go on the left and go to the tour agency and rent a bike shop located just before the main junction where you have a 7/11 shop.

Anyway, after this adventure, it was raining a lot so I just went to the hostel and took some rest until the rain calmed down.

I then went down and met some German and American people with who I had some drinks. And randomly; Loris (the French guy that I met in Kanchanaburi and that we already met randomly there) just appeared.

Surprisingly, he was staying in the same hostel than me and was also in the same room, which was very funny.

So we went in the town near Sairee beach to have some food and drinks. We went to the Sunset Bar and the atmosphere was crazy. There is a big swimming pool with a place to jump or dive, some activities with fire where the bartenders give you free shots, people dancing with fire and so on.

There, we met Yann and his girlfriend; couple of French guys from north of France who were amazing. We had some tequila shots with them and ended up quite drunk. It was a good night and we ended up very late despite Loris started diving at 9am on the next day.

Day 16:

I woke up a bit late and hangover from the last night. I decided to move from this hostel and find another place near Shark Bay, to join the English guys I met the day before.

I was walking for around 20 minutes with my backpack in the direction of Shark Bay and I met Olly and Ilanit, a French girl and a German guy who were walking with their bag looking for a nice guesthouse aswell.

I then joined them but we had to stop because the rain started to be heavy again. It is normally not the rainy season in December but the weather is quite fucked up these days, so you cannot really rely on it.

Actually, Olly already had a place to stay and was just accompanying Ilanit. So we went to have lunch all together, and we took a nice wood bungalow with Ilanit with view on the sea for only 500 Bahts so 250 each. We had a balconee, 3 beds and a nice bathroom. This guesthouse is called Blue Fish or something like that if I remember, and it is located after the Tropicana Guesthouse when you come from the Pier in the direction of Shark Bay.

We then met Olly and walked up to Shark Bay. We went through a resort which was amazing but it was around 6000 Bahts a night, not in our budget lol.

Even if the weather was crap and that it was raining, Shark Bay was still amazing and very clear to do some snorkeling.

We were feeling good inside the water seeing many awesome fishes but when we came out…. it was really cold and raining heavilly. We tried to wait for a while under a bungalow but it kept being worst. So we decided to leave anyway and got very wet. When we reached the main road, the ran stopped for a while but the roads were like swimming pools.

We arrived in our room when we noticed that we didn’t have hot shower and we were very cold. We asked the girl from the reception to pay extra to get hot shower but she was not keen to help us and gave us the only option to change the room which was more than double of the price.

We then asked our neighbours if we could come to their place to take a hot shower and they were more than happy to help us. It was a couple of people from Belgium who were very nice. We ended up staying an hour or 2 with them before to go for dinner and we discussed about our travels. It was a shame we did not see them back afterwards because they were very cool.

After a dinner, we went to the High Bar which was a bar located at the top of a hill where you have an amazing view of the sea and the island.

As the name, everyone is also High here and the barmans serve you with an enormous joint in their mouth which is quite funny. You can order joints, shishas, cocktails and so on there.

We came back early as Ilanit had her leg which was hurting. She falled on a rock in the afternoon and was kind of hurt.

She originally planned to go with me at the nearby island on the next day, but she couldn’t because of her feet.

Day 16:

I woke up early and rushed to the pier by walk to go to the island. You can book with Lomprayah or go with any agencies as the price and the service are similar. The boat ticket return and the entrance fee in the island costs 300 Bahts overall.

I arrived at the pier and discovered that the boat was leaving at 10.30am. The boat is going only at this time of the day and you can come back at 1pm or 4pm.

When I was waiting, it started to rain a lot and I almost cancelled the trip. Finally I decided to go anyway and I was glad I did it. We were only 5 people in the boat and because of the weather there was not too much people on the island compared to a sunny day; so it was great.

I met Draco on the way to go there, a Slovakian man who was leaving to Canada. He was very nice and we started to go up to the viewpoint together after walking between the thin layer of sand between the sea.

Even with the bad weather, the view from up is still amazing. And we actually got lucky because the sun started to show up a little bit at some points.

When we came down, we took some sunbeds and we went to do some snorkeling.

For me, it was the best place to see sea life. I saw a lot of colorful fishes from all the sizes.

I still did not see any sharks or turtles but a girl I met saw a turtle and recorded a video of it.

However; Draco went to get some bread and we went to feed the fishes. It was incredible as they were all coming next to us to eat some bread.

The water was crystal blue and when the sun appeared. It was even more amazing.

Afterwards, I tried to put an Oreo in my mouth and went under water. All the fishes came to eat it so I saw them at the closest point. Some of them even bite my lips; it was funny.

After having loads of fun on this island, we came back to Koh Tao and I crossed the path of Yann and his girlfriend who were going to another place in Thailand in the evening.

I went to eat and play pool table in a bar with Yann. Then I met Loris, Ilanit and Olly and we went to have a meal near Sairee beach. It was Christmas Eve so we had a massive meal. I also rent a scooter for the next day for 200 Bahts (24h)

Unfortunately, the rain started to be crazy and in less than an hour, the whole street was flooded with at least 6cm of water on the road.

People were falling on the street and having scooter accidents because of some holes on the road due to the flooding.

We waited a little bit and went the 3 of us on the scooter and I brought Olly back to his place despite it was still raining a lot.

We eventually came back home safe and slept well.

Day 17:

We had breakfast and went to meet Olly who also rent a scooter.

We moved near Ao Leuk and I went to try the cliff diving at the place I went 2 days ago. The sea was really agitated due to the rain from the last night. I tried to climb up the cliff and jumped from 2 or 3 meters. And then I tried to go behind the massive rock but it was very dangerous with loads of corals around which can hurt you severely. I then went back to the coast and we moved to Shark Bay. It was becoming sunny and the beach was stunning. Unfortunately I had to leave in order to catch the boat to the pier to go to Koh Phangan where I had to join Antonin for the Full Moon Party for Christmas day. The ferry cost me 300 Bahts to go there via booking through an agency near the pier.

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