Koh Samui

I decided to stay 4 days in Koh Samui and Antonin decided to stay a bit more because he had time with his visa which was extended.

Day 10:

We arrived there around 10am and went to look for a room near the pier.

We found a spacious double room for 150 Bahts each which was almost in front of the Tesco supermarket and 5 minutes away walking from the pier.

We dropped our belongings and went for lunch around here.

Then we rented a scooter for 150 per day. Just be careful where you rent it because we initially rent it to a slightly cheaper place, but the scooter was not well maintained and did not brake properly, so we decided to pay a bit more to have something decent.

Then we moved to the Secret Garden located at the top of a hill. It was nice but not huge to visit, then I think it was a bit overpriced for the visit (80 Bahts) but it is still worth it.

Then, we moved to the Snake Farm before it closes where we were the only ones there.

It is normally 300 Bahts the entrance but we paid 250 Bahts each.

Even if it was a bit expensive and short visit, it was really nice and I really loved it because we had a private show for the 2 of us.

We have had the opportunity to take a giant python around our neck, and a smaller one.

We also played with black scorpions and I learnt how to take them by the tail without being stang. I put them on my t shirt and then on the face of the Thai showman. I also carried a centipede on my arm.

We then saw a King Cobra from very close and saw how rapid and agressive it could be. The man did a show with him and managed to kiss the cobra on the head which was pretty scary.

We saw crocodiles, varans and different types of snakes. We had a good time there and the interaction with the animals was good.

However, I have had the feeling that some animals don’t receive much care as a varan was not moving and seemed very sick…

When we came out, the rain started and was really heavy. So we went to the Seven Eleven shop and bought some plastic ponchos. When we drove back, the rain started to stop…

We found a market on the way back where we bought some fresh tuna fish that was cooked on the BBQ for us. It was really nice and only costs 80 Bahts for a big fish.

We continued our way and went to have some food in the night market near the pier. The street food is very nice there and you will have the opportunity to try loads of new foods.

Then we came back to sleep early as we booked a tour to Koh Wua Talap island on the next day.

Day 11:

We woke up early and rushed to the pier to give our scooter back and to take the boat for our tour to Koh Wua Talap island, a place that my cousin really advised me as you can have an amazing view from the top of the island.

Unfortunately, because of the bad weather; they cancelled the tour.

We then took the scooter again and decided to see the Namuang waterfalls.

We started with the Namuang Waterfall 2:

When you arrive, you park and you can decide to go there by walk which is only a 10 minutes walk, or go by jeep for 100 Bahts per person. We chose to walk there and saw some funny elephants on the way.

Then there is a small trek to reach the waterfall which is very nice and where you have to pass by small bamboo bridges. We walked at the top of the waterfall and it was very nice. If you go on the left and take this path like us, there is no entrance fee to go to the waterfall.

Then, we were looking for some slides that I saw on internet which seemed pretty good.

To access the slides, you have to go on the right side where you have to pay 50 Bahts to see the same waterfall that on the right side but on a different angle.

The slides seemed good but overpriced as just one go was 100 Bahts per person. So we decided to go to see the waterfall from the other angle as we had paid 50 Bahts already anyway.

But there; we discovered a path which was going up with ropes everywhere, so we followed it and discovered that it was a kind of Via Ferrata. We did it and it was just amazing and I was glad that we came here and paid 50 Bahts for that. The view at the top is just amazing and the path to go up is good and challenging at some points. 

Then, we came down and head to the Namuang Waterfall 1 with a couple of Russian guys that we met on the way back down.

This waterfall was good fun as it was quite late when we arrived and nobody was there.

Bear in mind that you have to pay for parking there but it is only 20 Bahts.

There is a large space to swim in there and the water is deep enough. I jumped from the rocks and we went to put out head under the falls; it was good fun.

Then, we got back and went to eat at the market near the pier again. We postponed the trip to Koh Wua Talap on the following day so we went to sleep early again.

Day 12:

Again, we woke up early and rushed to the pier and once again, the trip was cancelled because of the weather.

We then decided to forget about Koh Wua Talap and to go to Chaweng instead, where it is good for the parties.

On our way, we stopped in Lamai where we went to play badminton in a local sport centre. The owner was very nice and provided us with proper shoes, raquets and shuttles. However, Antonin won the games all the times so I was kind of upset lol. Next time would be the revenge ! It was only 75 Bahts and we could even take shower afterwards and use the gym there.

We then moved to Chaweng looked for the perfect accomodation. After looking at many places; we found a nice one for 250 Bahts each for a nice and clean double room with terasse.

Afterwards, we went to eat a nice falafel burger in an Israelian restaurant and went in the streets of Chaweng to look around.

We stopped in another restaurant to take some extra food and we then moved to the Ark Bar Beach Club where we took some beers there. The atmosphere was really cool and loads of foreign people were there partying.

We then came back not too late because we booked a fishing tour which started early in the morning for 900 Bahts.

Day 13:

We woke up early and got picked up by the minivan to bring us to the pier in order to take the boat.

The sea was a bit agitated so more than half of the people decided to stop just after less than 1 hour of fishing.

I was a bit disappointed because we couldn’t go far away to fish big ones because of the agitated sea from the previous rainy days.

However; we all got some fishes including a snapper for me.

The lunch was very nice as we got prawns, chicken, and grilled fish as well as homemade french fries and vegetables. Also, soft drinks were included as well as snacks and fruits.

Then we stopped the boat after lunch and played in the water with the slide behind the boat.

We also took some snorkles but didnt see anything as the water was not clear because of the sea condition again.

However, we saw a desertic island a bit further and decided to reach it by swimming. It was really nice as nobody was there and we could climb up the bended palm trees and take some nice shots with the camera.

We then came back to the boat and continued to fish a little bit but around 3.30pm, we came back to the pier.

I decided to go to see the 2 famous beaches of Koh Samui on my own as my friend was tired and had time to see them later.

I started with Crystal Bay, then I saw Coral Cove. It is really nice to swim there.

We rest a little bit and we went to have dinner in the a place where they had loads of different local foods.

We stopped at the 7/11 shop to take some drinks for the night where we decided to go partying.

After drinking in our terasse, we went to the partying area of Chaweng and went to different bars and clubs such as the Green Mango which was quite nice as well as a bar in front of it where you can do shisha and where the music is great.

I went back earlier than my friend because I had to catch a ferry to Koh Tao on the next day at 10am to the pier which was located 40 minutes away from Chaweng.

Day 14:

Obviously, I was hangover and I did not wake up at the right time. It was almost 9.30am and I just woke up.

So I took all my things ready in less than 10 minutes and I moved to the pier with the motorbike as fast as possible.

I arrived there 10 minutes late but I got very lucky as the boat was not gone yet. So I gave back  the scooter and run to the harbour and caught the boat to Koh Tao which cost me 450 Bahts.

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