Koh Phangan

Day 17:

I arrived to Koh Phangan in the evening before sunset to join Antonin for the famous Full Moon Party. It was Christmas Day and loads of foreigners came there specially for this event.

I crossed the path of Dorine and Melanie in the boat, then they stayed with us for the night.

When we arrived there, we had to take a tuktuk to go to the party place which was in Aad Rin. It costs 100 Bahts for each person.

The way to go there is wonderful, especially for sunset. The roads are going up and down and you can have a beautiful view on the seaside from up. I understood that this island is beautiful and it is not just about party there. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to stay there more than a night, so I will try to come back to visit it properly.

Once arrived there, I had nowhere to go to sleep as I did not book anything. But I planned to leave all my belongings and my big backpack in Antonin’s hostel. He was sceptical that it was possible as the owner was not.very helpful with its guests. However, he took my bag as it was its own one and it worked.

I didn’t take the time to take a shower and I was very dirty from the beach with sand all over my body. But thanks to Ilanit, I have been able to take a shower in Koh Phangan. She put me in contact with Carlos; a Chilian guy that she met when she arrived in Thailand. He welcomed me and even propose me to sleep to his place because he had 2 extra beds. I told him it was OK as I will have to leave few hours after the party and I didn’t want to bother him if I was getting back late and drunk.

We went to eat in a restaurant with Antonin, Dorine, Melanie, as well as Carmen and Oscar; 2 Spanish friends of Antonin.

Then we went to paint ourselves. This is the tradition at the Full Moon. We did a funny and scary painting as you can see.

Afterwards we took some buckets; and then go to the party and took more buckets and drinks.

It was crazy and awesome.

However, in the middle of the night, we were on a bench a bit far from the party and someone came discretly and stole the jacket of Carmen, the Spanish girl, where she had money, key, and chinese cigarettes.

We went to look for the suspect, found a bungalow with Thai people who said it was not them and they did not see anything. We then checked around and didn’t see anyone or anything else.

Then, we came back to the bungalow and Carmen recognised her chinese cigarettes in their bungalow, so we were sure it was them. She found the jacket outside with the keys, but the money had disappeared.

We then came to the bungalow, asked for the money and the guys were still arguing it was not them. They asked me to go out and then started to be agressive so we started to fight and I throw one of them outside the bungalow, but the other one pulled up a knife and wanted to stab me… I tried to resonate him and he put down the knife but was still a bit agressive.

Finally, they gave only a part of the money back but not everything and we decided to go because it was not worth to take too much risk for 1000 Bahts.

This is to tell you to be careful and to bring only a small amount of money with you when you go to the Full Moon Party.

I learnt afterwards that these people are part of a mafia and can be dangerous. They take advantage of drunk tourists to steal their belongings. And it is not the police which will help you of you get some problem with them…

Anyway, afterwards, we forgot about it and carried on the party. Antonin was very drunk as well as me and I fall asleep on a bench on the beach in the early morning.

Day 18:

I got woked up by some guys who thought I was too drunk and I needed water. I was OK and moved to eat somewhere.

I went to a restaurant and I randomly met a chinese girl who talked to me before I fall asleep on the beach.

She was with a couple who were about to travel to India, so I gave them loads of tips because I was there only few months ago.

Then I moved to the guesthouse of Antonin to pick up my bag and it was a big mission to take it back:

The owner was not keen at all that I come upstairs in the room, so he went to look for Antonin (we thought he was sleeping), but he was surprisingly not there and my bus was leaving in 30 minutes.

So I asked to go upstairs to verify and yeah, he was not here. And the owner of the guesthouse wouldn’t allow me to take my own bag with me as it was according to him the property of his guest and he didn’t know me. I even told him that my passport was inside and it was a proof to take my bag but he didn’t want to listen to me.

Fortunately, Oscar, the Spanish guy who was also sleeping in this guesthouse told the owner that he knew me and that it was OK so I managed to get my bag back, to run to the agency and catch a minibus to take the ferry afterwards. I paid 950 Bahts for the transfer to the Pier, the ferry, and a bus to bring me to Bangkok.

This was not the best idea I have had: I was hangover; all the people in the ferry aswell, and it was extremely full and I couldn’t sit anywhere properly.

I randomly saw Ilanit, who was going to Surat Thani aswell in order to catch a bus to go to a place that I planned to go to, but the time did not allow me to do it.

We then tried to talk about the party but I was too tired and fall asleep. We also had to change from one boat to another 2 times, which was pretty annoying.

Then I had to take a bus, and we said bye bye with Ilanit, but the bus stopped somewhere and I saw her again, her bus stopped at the same place. It was quite funny. So we ate together and then she took another bus while I had to wait 4 hours for my one to go.

I finally jumped in the bus and had a long way to Khao San Road in Bangkok where I arrived on the next morning, and I took another bus on the same day to reach Chiang Mai.

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