Day 5:

Kanchanaburi was the next step of this journey in Thailand where we planned to stay 3 days.

We left Bangkok in the morning with Dorine, Melanie and Antonin and we took the taxi for a 3 hours journey to Kanchanaburi. We paid 1200 in total, so 300 Bahts each which is not bad. If you travel alone, it would be much better and cheaper to take the train from Hua Lompong station or the bus at the Morchit station.

When we arrived there, we found many guesthouses on the main road, and we took the perfect option for us: a wood bungalow for 2 persons in front of the river Kwai and with a nice swimming pool. We took 2 bungalows and each person paid 200 Bahts, which was a great deal. You can find cheaper but this one is very good and worth the extra money you pay. I cannot remember the name of the guesthouse but it is on the road where the Jelly Frog hostel is located (it is the place which was advised by some German people we met in Khao Yai and which costs 100 Bahts per person for a night, but it is probably not as good as the one we found.

After taking some rest and having fun in the swimming pool, we went to eat in a place where we had good laugh with the owners of the place so we had some chats with them and we played pool table together.

We then went to see the River Kwai bridge, which is the emblem of the town. We randomly met Loris on the way to go, a guy who spent some time in Chiang Mai with Antonin. He then came with us. It was very nice for the sunset as the view on the river is beautiful. You can also see the old train passing by. The place is also a centre of attraction with a place where you can get different kinds of streetfoods and things to buy.

We then went to rent some motorbikes in order to go to Erawan National Park on the jext day, which is located 1 hour away from Kanchanaburi and which is the main reason why we came to Kanchanaburi. Then, we came back early after eating

Day 6:

We left around 8am in order to arrive at the Erawan National Park around 9am as it is when it opens. Indeed, it is good to go early to avoid the crowds.

The road to go there was beautiful.

The entrance costs 300 Bahts. You can also do some camping there with all the material provided and they also have some bungalows instead of tents.

I took some food in the market which is just before the waterfall but you can also take some food inside. The bamboo sticky rice is very nice inside.

You will start with the first level of waterfalls (There are 7 levels so it can take you a full day if you enjoy swimming inside and see everything)

You can go up until the third level where the waterfall is very amazing and one of the most famous but also quite crowded when it comes around 12 noon as many people do picknic there as there are some bamboo benches to sit and the landscape is awesome. Then, be sure that you go there early if you want to see the waterfall without lany people around. Tip: Avoid to come during Thai or Chinese holidays and to come over the weekend.

Then, all the other levels are amazing and the paths to go there are awesome. You can sometimes choose and take some offtrack paths which are very nice. Be careful after the level 4, we took a offroad track indicated and thought it was going up to the next waterfall, but it went somewhere else and we had to go up everything again even though this path was really nice.

We went up again and started to put our feets in the water at the level 4 or 5. The water was amazing and there are some lagoons where you can spot some soft water crabs.

We continued our way and went to the last waterfall to join Antonin and Dorine who were already there since a while.

The waterfall 7 is at the top and it is very nice. There are some “sticky rocks” where you can go up and down in the waterfall and it is gripping and not slippery. As in the level 3, you can get a free fish SPA as loads of fishes are present in the water and hindreds come to eat your dead skin if you stay there without moving.

The last one is probably the most beautiful and the most special.

On the way down, I met some french people who met us afterwards in Kanchanaburi.

The way down was good. I said to my friends to dont wait for me and I stopped in different places to admire the countryside.

Then, we organised to eat with many people we met on the way and it was cool.

We took some shooters in a bar called: Get drunk for 10 Bahts where you have many shooters at this price. It was fun.

We then went to the swimming pool all together and had some drinks there. We ended up sleeping a bit late.

Day 7:

We started the day by taking some rest and swimming in the pool with Antonin and 2 Deutch girls that we met in Erawan.

Then, we went to eat and decided to go to Ayutthaya whereas Dorine and Melanie thought about going to Krabi in the South.

We then booked a minivan at the last moment and waited in the swimming pool waiting for it to pick us up. It was 400 Bahts for the trip. It was easier for us rather to come back to Bangkok and then take another train to Ayutthaya.

In the van, we met a couple of French people which were very nice and we talked to them during the whole journey and the 3 hours trip flew.

We arrived in Ayutthaya when it was still day time.

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