From Bangkok To The Islands

We arrived in Bangkok from Ayutthaya in the evening around 8pm.

Day 8:

We decided to go to sleep near Khao San Road and the American guy followed us.

We took a tuktuk from Hua Lompong station to Khao San for 40 Bahts each (120 in total) and our tuktuk driver was awesome. Another tuktuk with tourists was next to us and they were going to Khao San too. So we suggest to the tuktuk guy to do a race. He bet 20 Bahts with the other tuktuk guy and they started to drive very fast in the streets of Bangkok. It was very funny, and on the top of that, we won the race.

We found a guesthouse for 185 Bahts each the night for a double room near Khao San road.

We were quite tired so we did not get out at night.

Day 9:

We spent the day resting in Bangkok and going around. Antonin went to extend his visa while I went to meet some people near Lumpini.

I bought a simcard to get internet on my phone and it was really worth it as the network is very good in Thailand, even in some rural areas. I paid 500 Bahts for unlimited internet for 30 days + 20 minutes of phonecalls. I bought it in a phone shop in Khao San road.

Then I came back in the evening and we booked a trip to Koh Tao with an agency.

We took it at the last moment so everything was fully booked. We then had to pay a bit of extra: 850 Bahts for the bus and the ferry. You can find the same for 700 Bahts even in the high season.

However, be careful and confirm by where the bus is going. Take one which goes to Chumphon to take the boat and not all the way to Surat Thani if you go to Koh Tao.

Indeed; in my case, I wont recommend at all the agency that we used because the man who sold us the trip lied to us. He said it was more expensive as the bus was stopping us straight to Chumphon and in that case, we would have arrived at 3am and had to wait until 7am to get the boat which would have taken 3 hours to reach Koh Tao, so we should have been there by 10am.

Day 10:

What happened is that the bus went to Surat Thani and we were still in the bus at 7am.

We arrived at the port of Surat Thani at 8.30am and twe had to wait until 11am to get a speedboat which was going through Koh Samui and Koh Phangan before Koh Tao; so we would have arrived there not before 1pm which was not what we wanted.

We then asked to change our route and go to Koh Samui instead with the next ferry.

At 9am, we were in the ferry and it took us 2 hours to reach Koh Samui.

We then asked to

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