Chiang Mai

Day 19:

I arrived to Chiang Mai really early around 4am as I took a bus from the Mrorchit station in Bangkok around 7pm the night before. It costs 545 Bahts. I preferred to take this one rather than the train which was 255 Bahts but took 16 hours instead of 9 hours.

When I arrived in Chiang Mai; I met a malaysian guy who was also backpacking. We went to walk around together in Chiang Mai in the early morning; then we went to a hostel to leave our belongings.

We went to the morning market where my friend bought some watm clothes to go to Doi Inthanon on that day. It was very cheap (80 Bahts for a warm jacket). Then, we bought some nice food there. I really recommend you to try the homemade battered squid which was delicious and cost only 20 Bahts the portion.

Then aound 9am, we moved to Doi Inthanon after having rented a scooter for 120 Bahts a day.

The road to get there is amazing after the motorway and it is not dangerous as long as you are careful and you know how to drive.

The entrance of the Natiinal Park is 300 Bahts plus 20 Bahts for the scooter.

It took us 1 hour and half to arrive there.
There are many points to stop there.

You can see a food market where you can take some nice dumplings. It is located at the top point of the hill. However, when you continue after the market, you got stopped by some people as I think that it is a military basis. There is also a spacial basis around where we went to have a quick look.

When you go right, there is a path leading to some signs telling that this is the highest point in Thailand, that is why it is cold and you should take warm clothes with you.

When you go a bit down, there is another point where loads of tourists stop. It is a kind of walk where you can go up and see the 2 pagodas from a high point. However, you are obliged to take a guide, so we did not do it as it was another 300 Bahts each that we already paid for the park entrance.

Instead, we get from the left side and walked around to see the pagodas before to go closer and see them from close. 

You also have to take a ticket for that which is a bit unfair when you already pay for the national park entrance but this one is cheap (20 or 50 Bahts if I remember) and it is worth it.

You can walk up in the direction of the forest and get some amazing footages of the place.

I was so tired as we did not sleep, we just slept a bit in the bus the day before and went straight to the park. Then I took a nap in the grass to get a bit more energy.

It started to be very cold but we decided to stay a bit more to watch the sunset and we don’t regret it. It was really beautiful.

On the way down, you have some roads leading to waterfalls but it was really far and we didn’t take time to go there.

We came back to the hostel and slept early after a nice dinner on a market place.

Indeed, I needed to rest for the next day to ride until Paï.

Day 20:

I woke up early in order to pick up my friend Ania from the airport as she planned to go to Pai with me.

We then had a breakfast in Chiang Mai and started our way to Pai.

The road to go there was beautiful. We stopped many times on the way.

We stopped at a market where they were selling fresh strawberrys. We bought some and saw the fruit fields just behind the stall.

We then stopped to Mork Fa to see the waterfall. It was 100 Bahts to enter in the area and it was worth it. This waterfall is not very well known so it was not so busy. You can swim in there. There is also a path which is leading to a small trek in the heart of a bamboo forest. You can also visit a bat cave but we did not do it.

On the way, we stopped again to some stalls on the side of the jungle where we took some delicious bamboo sticky rice and baby coconuts.

Finally, we arrived to Pai for the sunset and stopped to one of the best place to get coffee in Thailand. It was almost 100 Bahts for the iced coffee but it was the best I have ever tried. The one I took is a speciality with a japanese red bean paste on top. It was amazing.

Then we went near the river and took a bungalow which was very nice with a hammock on our balconee. It costs 600 for a private bungalow with shower inside. Otherwise, they have bungalows for 300 Bahts with shared bathroom. It is located just in front of the bamboo bridge.

We went to eat in the walking street where you have all sorts of foods. We tried many different things such as insects, squid, indian food and even bugs such as silk maggots or crikets. We took some beers aswell.

Day 21:
We woke up very early in order to go to a viewpoint to see the sunrise.

At 5am we saw a fight of chinese girls there, it was a bit awkward and crazy as they wanted to kill eachother and were very violent.

Then, we saw the sunrise and it was nice even if it was a bit cloudy.

When we came back down, it was the time when the monks were in the streets for the donations. We then bought some food and a monk pray for us.

Afterwards, we had a traditional breakfast from north Thailand which consists in noodles with basil leaves, crispy pork and dumplings. It was good.

After a nice thai coffee from Coffee In Love, we went to the Grand Canyon which was very nice and spent a few hours there walking around.

As usual in the evening, we ended up in the night market.

We decided to buy our own food to do a barbecue on our terasse. We then bought some nice fish prepared by local people and they gave us a barbecue. We also got some fresh squid and drinks to celebrate the new year.

Later at night time, everyone was lighting up some lanterns and the sky was pretty nice.

Just before 12, everyone was lighting fireworks and lanterns and we were in the heart of the festivities it was awesome.

After getting some creps, we went to sleep as I needed some rest to drive back to Chiang Mai the following day.

Day 22:

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