Day 7:

We arrived there around 4pm and went straight to find a guesthouse to put our bags before to go walking to see some monuments and temples before sunset. We found a guesthouse for 125 Bahts each the night and the room was nice.

We tried to find the historical place and we asked a guy. He told us to jump on his scooter and brought us there.

We saw the head of the Bouddha which was carved inside a tree.

We also saw many ruins around here and saw the sunset before to go to eat somewhere.

Then we came back in the aim to wake up early on the next day to take a bicycle and visit as much as possible in one day.

Day 8:

After eating, we took the bicycles in the morning and went around for the whole day.

It was very good as the city is very flat with no hills and you can then see a lot in one day.

You should take a map with you and point the monuments you want to visit and create your own route as it would be difficult to see every single temple in one day.

We started with an impressive pagoda and took a coconut to a nice man and his wife for only 25 Bahts. He asked us to sit with him and we tried to have a bit of conversation. He was really nice.

We saw many important ones such as the giant sleeping Bouddha, or the one where you have chickens statues everywhere as you can see on the pictures.

We ate a very nice meal with squid in a small restaurant away from the touristic places.

Then we carried on and saw the temple which reminds Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We went around the streets to join another temple and found the cheapest watermelon of our whole trip in Asia. 10 Bahts for a full watermelon which was also the tastier I tried. It was well worth a picture.

We passed by some markets where we tried different kind of food such as an onion cake, or some sushis.

Afterwards, we continued our way with the bicycle and went near the temples where are located the elephants.

We stopped near them and they were very friendly and funny; especially when we gave them some watermelon.

We passed by the train station to take our train ticket for Bangkok and here again we had the cheapest deal. Only 15 Bahts for the train ticket for a journey of 1h30.

We then gave the bicycles back, took some food and moved in tuktuk to the train station with an american guy.

They have some nice food at the station and it is very cheap. You can get some bamboo sticky rice for only 10 Bahts.

In the train, the journey was nice and fast and we met a french girl who was also travelling and going to Bangkok to stay in her uncle’s place.

To resume, Ayutthaya was very nice and worth the visit in bike. It was also very cheap there for sleeping, eating, and to rent a bike (40 Bahts a day).


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