Khao Yai

Day 3:

It was difficult to wake up at 5am to go to the train station Hua Lompong in order to catch a train to Khao Yai which lasts 4 hours. The train only cost us 86 Bahts but I guess that the price vary if you take it on different hours.

The landscape to get there was beautiful with mountains and jungle.





Once we arrived there, we checked the prices for a scooter and it was 300 per day. The problem is that they close early and we could only give the scooter back at 5pm on the next day.

We wanted to leave later and take the train around 8pm.

Then, we found a tour of 1 and half day with night in a hostel included and many activities such as going to waterfalls, caves and trekking.

We paid 1500 Bahts and it was worth it.

They first brought us to the guesthouse where we left our bags and ate.


Then, they brought us to see a spring water river which was very nice as.we swam there for an hour.




Then, we visited a cave where we spot some bats and big spiders. It was very nice.




For the sunset, they brought us to a place where we could see millions of bats going out at the same time to hunt. This spectacle was impressive and lasted around 1 hour.



We then came back to the hostel and ate before to sleep early in order to leave at 7am on the next day for a big day of trekking in the deep jungle.

Day 4:

We left around 7 with a jeep and we arrived in the national park. In the jeep, we met a group of German people who were studying in Thailand and took a gap on their studies to enjoy the national park of Khao Yai.


We firstly stopped and saw some monkeys and gibbons in the jungle. The guides had an impressive eyesight and saw every species. They brought some professional binocular with stand in order for us to see the animald from close.





Then, we continued our way and stopped in the national museum. I spent more time outside because there was a path leading to the jungle with a wooden suspended bridge.









We left one hour after that and went to check a nice viewpoint where we saw many monkeys from very close. They were playing in the trees.





After this stop, they brought us to a path leading to the deep jungle for a trek of 3h30. It was very amazing as we were in the real jungle and saw many things such as giant and very special trees that we even climbed up.














We also saw some monkeys and wild birds such as toucans.

After a stop for lunch where we saw some very friendly deers and some varans, we moved to waterfalls.


It started with a stop to a nice waterfall where we had to do many steps down to access it, it was a bit crowded but we managed to take nice pictures and i found some spots by climbing around, where nobody was there.



We then continued our way in the jeep and passed by beautiful roads in the middle of the jungle. We saw many monkeys staying on the road which was quite fun.


When we arrived to the second waterfall, it was awesome. We had to walk a bit and went down many high steps to access to the waterfall which was huge and better than the one before.

We were not allowed to swim in it but I climbed down and went very close to the fall, which was impressive.

Then it was the evening and we came back. Unfortunately; we didn’t spot any elephants on the way back but if you go, there are apparently good probabilities that you see some wild ones.

We ate some street food which was awesome before to go back to Bangkok in minibus, which was the best way and costed 300 Bahts per person

Back in Bangkok, we took a bus to get back to Khao San road where our friend was waiting for us with Melanie, a friend he met long time ago.

We slept early and had the plan to move the 4 of us to Kanchanaburi on the next day.


Welcome to Thailand !

Day 1:

I arrived in Bangkok on the 8th December at 4am coming from Kolkata in India.


I took the taxi from the airport to Khao San road where a friend waited for me. The taxi charged me 400 Bahts, which is expensive but at 4am, you have not much choice because the metro opens at 6am and the buses also start around this time. It took 30 minutes in taxi.

After taking some rest in a guesthouse, we went to visit the Wat Pho temple which was really amazing. This is the temple where you can see the giant Bouddha. There is not only that to visit. Indeed, there are loads of very nice temples inside, which are really beautiful.


20151208_143243 20151208_143829

20151208_142034 20151208_142408

It took us around 2 hours to visit and it cost 100 Bahts. It is really worth it.

20151208_152333 20151208_152356 20151208_152415 20151208_152614 20151208_152923 20151208_153407 20151208_153433

20151208_144902 20151208_145536 20151208_145702 20151208_150251 20151208_150407 20151208_151442 20151208_151648

Just next to it, there is the Grand Palace that I wanted to visit, but we met a woman who told us that it was 500 Bahts to visit and it was not worth it compared to Wat Pho. Then, I cannot say anything about it but I saw it from outside and it looks very beautiful.


Afterwards, we took a boat to go to the Wat Arun Temple which is on the other side of the river. We did the mistake to take a boat from station 7 to station 8 which was 17 Bahts. It is actually just 5 minutes away by walk between the 2 stations. Then, to get to the other side of the river almost in front of the temple, it costs 3 Bahts from station 8.

20151208_162116 20151208_162119

Unfortunately, the temple was in maintenance but we still wanted to visit it as we thought we could see something nice from inside as it is a very famous temple.

We paid 50 Bahts to get in and were very disappointed. We visited it in less than 10 minutes as we didn’t see more than what you can see from outside.

20151208_163931 20151208_164012 20151208_164120 20151208_164153 20151208_164216 20151208_164441 20151208_164509 20151208_170954

There are stairs but as it was in maintenance, we could not get up.

Maybe it will be more interesting later but if you plan to visit it soon (December 2015) just don’t go.

Afterwards, we took the boat again to the other side of the river (3 Bahts); and we decided to head to Chinatown by taking the boat (14 Bahts).

20151208_171157 20151208_171937 20151208_172523

Chinatown is very nice to see. You have stalls of food everywhere and you can try interesting street food.

20151208_180414 20151208_180408 20151208_180707 20151208_182250 20151208_181404 20151208_181357 20151208_181245 20151208_180058 20151208_180012 20151208_180019

After some dumplings and chicken sticks, we took the boat again to go back to our guesthouse near Khao San road.

20151208_192158 20151208_192410 20151208_190600 20151208_191234

20151209_011142 20151209_002529 20151209_112602 20151208_213313

We went out to have some drinks in Khao San Road. The party is awesome there with many bars with all kind of musics. They sell alcohol in bucket for 300 Bahts and large beers (Chang) at 120 Bahts in the active parts of the street.

I came back early around 2am because I had to welcome my friend Antonin on the next day.

Day 2:

My friend arrived around 8am, and we rested a bit before to go to the Golden Mountain with Dorine.

It was very nice and I really recommend you to visit it in the morning when it is not crowded at all. The walk with the steps is beautiful as you can see on the pictures. The pagoda at the top is also impressive and the view is cool. The entrance fee is just 20 Bahts. And all the way, you have some bells that you can jingle.

20151209_132520 20151209_132755 20151209_132802 20151209_132839 20151209_132848 20151209_133736

20151209_134137 20151209_134515 20151209_135329 20151209_135335 20151209_135844 20151209_140529 20151209_140810 20151209_140823

After a Pad Thai, we decided to go to Lumpini park, a bench of fresh air in the centre of Bangkok.

This park is huge and beautiful. You can see a lot of people doing exercise there. There are some basic open gym machines, paths to run, and a lake.

You can spot many varans there, it is very impressive as there are loads.

We stayed a few hours there and I really recommend you to see this park.

20151209_153436 20151209_155256 20151209_155625 20151209_160115 20151209_160131 20151209_160152 20151209_160158 20151209_160443 20151209_162845 20151209_160627

We then moved to Patpong which is the red district of Bangkok known for its clubs and girls bars.

20151209_185620 20151209_194039 20151209_194041

We saw the Patpong Market but it was nothing very special. We had dinner there and it was not the best aswell but we enjoyed it. We then took a tuktuk from Patpong to Khao San Road (200 Bahts)

In Khao San, we tasted the scorpions for 30 Bahts each. It was a fun experience and it tastes a bit like crab.

20151209_201145 20151209_201133 20151209_201230

We then went to have a drink in Khao San road with Antonin before to come back early as Dorine and me decided to head to Khao Yai National park at 5am on the next day.